May 21, 2022
Google Plus France page

The Sad Google Plus Bust continues as Google France Shuts Down its Google+ Page

Google Frances tells the world it’s abandoning its Google Plus France page for good, advising its community to follow it on Twitter and Facebook, instead…

The slow decay of Google+ is no secret. Originally highly anticipated and greatly received when it launched, the search engine’s social network never gained the prolonged momentum it needed to garner and grow an appreciable following. Social media users just didn’t embrace it after the initial shine wore off. Despite numerous attempts to increase engagement, including an entirely rebuilt Android app, and an outright plea for help, Google Plus lingers on in a sad state of affairs.

Google Plus France Page Shut Down Announced

Now, Google France pulls the plug on its own Google+ Page, telling its 471,000 followers to connect on Twitter and Facebook, instead:

“On ne savait pas trop comment vous l’annoncer mais, voilà, la page +Google France sur Google+ fermera ses portes en cette fin de semaine. Un grand MERCI à tous vos contributions pendant ces belles années. ❤

Pour suivre toute l’actualité de Google, c’est par ici :
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It’s not like this happened out-of-the-blue. The last update to the French Google+ page dates back 46 weeks ago.

Google Plus launched just over seven years ago, in June 2011. It replaced Google Buzz and current estimates place its active users at approximately 111 million. By contrast, Facebook boasts more than 2.23 billion active users. Subsidiary Instagram claims 1 billion monthly active users and Twitter 330 million.