September 26, 2021
Google Plus Highlights notification

Google+ Adds ‘Highlights’ Notification Option for G Suite Accounts

The folks at Google just added a new Google Plus Highlights notification, which improves upon the previous on/off choices…

Until now, Google+ only allowed users to toggle communities and collections notifications on or off. So, people either received updates for their chosen communities and collections or did not. Finally, the team at the social network realized the inherent flaw in this overtly binary choice.

Google Plus Highlights Notification Option Introduced

Fortunately, a new addition gives users more granular control with the introduction of a Google Plus Highlights notification. 

“…we’re adding more options for how often you’re notified about new posts in the Google+ communities and collections to which you subscribe. Instead of getting all or no notifications, you can now opt to get ‘highlights’ only.

When the highlights option is selected, we will send you a digest notification of the top posts from across all of your G+ communities and collections. This will help save you time and ensure you’re seeing the posts that matter most.”

Here’s how it looks:

Google Plus Highlights notification
Credit: Google

Although a great addition, this option is currently only available to G Suite accounts. It’s rolling out now over the next few days.

Find the new Google+ Highlights notification subscription by going to the three-dot overflow menu in any community or collection. Navigate to “Preferences” > “Sort by top posts or most recent” > “Highlights.”