July 3, 2022
Google Plus outage

Google+ went Down for Several Hours Last Night and Nobody Really even Noticed

A Google Plus outage happened last night and no one took time to complain, in what might have been attributed to API closures…

In the latest saga of the ongoing Google Plus bust, the failed social network went offline last night for a few hours. But, only a handful of people noticed it wasn’t working. 

Google Plus Outage Lasted for Hours without Notice

Google announced it would shut down the service after a user data leak. The company tried to cover up the mess but later confessed. As a result, the search giant said it would discontinue the Google+ consumer platform in August 2019. Only hours after the news broke, two individuals filed a civil suit against Google in San Francisco.

Google also reported suffering another data leak thereafter, which impacted as many as 52.5 million users. Vulnerable information included names, email addresses, occupations, and ages. All of which could have been exposed to developers, even if their accounts were set to private, due to a bug in the Google+ API access.

In response, Google said it would start closing down those APIs, which might have caused the network to go down last night. The outage only lasted for a few hours but affected few people as its user activity is on a steep decline.

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