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Just Hours after the News Hit Google+ Suffered a Data Breach, Users Sue

Google Plus user lawsuit

A Google Plus user lawsuit, filed in San Francisco just hours after the data leak news came to light, will now make its way through the court system…

Well, that didn’t take very long. Only hours after Google admitted its not-so-popular social network, Google Plus, suffered a data breach due to a bug, two individuals filed a civil suit against the company.

Google Plus User Lawsuit Filed after Data Breach Disclosure

Matt Matic and Zak Harris v. Google, alleges that the company’s “lax approach” to security lead to the exploited API bugs, which exposed the private information of nearly 500,000 users. 

Joshua Watson, the attorney for Matic and Harris wrote in the civil complaint filed on Monday:

“Worse, after discovery of this vulnerability in the Google+ platform, Defendants kept silent for at least seven months, making a calculated decision not to inform users that their Personal Information was compromised, further compromising the privacy of consumers‘ information and exposing them to risk of identity theft or worse.” 

The plaintiffs allege violations of California’s Unfair Competition Law, along with negligence, invasion of privacy, and more claims.

According to an internal corporate memo, Google did not tell its users because it might have lead to “…us coming into the spotlight alongside or even instead of Facebook despite having stayed under the radar throughout the Cambridge Analytica scandal.”

Google has already announced it will shut down all consumer Google+ profiles, while maintaining any active enterprise accounts.

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