November 3, 2022
Google Podcasts for iOS and desktop

Google Podcasts Now Available on the Web and ioS — but There’s a Catch

Google has finally rolled Google Podcasts out for desktop and iOS, nearly a year after its Android release, but there’s still a catch…

Last summer, Google introduced Google Podcasts for Android. Unfortunately, iOS and desktop users haven’t been able to access the content, until now.

Google Podcasts Debut on Desktop and iOS

Google Podcasts are now available for iOS devices and the web. Which people might take to mean simply navigating over to will do the trick. It doesn’t.

In true Google fashion, heading over to won’t supply visitors with the app. Instead, it merely directs people to download the app to their smartphones. In order to fetch the player interface, it’s necessary to select a particular episode of a certain podcast in search.

Although, anyone signed into their Google account will find one benefit. If syncing is on, it will pick up right where the individual left off.

Meanwhile, on desktop, users must Google the name of the podcast and a list of recent episodes will appear. Clicking on the link will play the episode.

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