September 23, 2021
Google Podcasts personalized recommendations

Google Finally Adds Personalized Recommendations to Google Podcasts (Still, the App Remains Lacking)

Google has added personalized recommendations to its proprietary podcast mobile app but it remains lacking in beyond-basic features…

The Google Podcasts app isn’t exactly known for its amenity-rich interface. In fact, it’s probably about the most basic out there. But, it now sports a much-needed feature — personalized recommendations.

Google Podcasts Personalized Recommendations Debut

The new Google Podcasts personalized recommendations tab does precisely what its namesake says — it offers recommendation. So, if a listener doesn’t know where to start, it could help him or her find an interesting show or two or more.

One thing that separates this podcast platform from others is there’s no requirement to sign up for a subscription to listen.

The mobile app is only a year-and-a-half old and it remains much the same as it did on launch day. That is to say, it is very bare bones. Although, Google did add Cast support and even made it possible to search for individual episodes.

The new Google Podcasts personalized recommendations resides in a tab, next to downloads, right on the home screen. It seems like it’s rolling out via a server-side update. If the case, it means it will take some time before everyone with the app sees it on their devices.

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