May 19, 2022
Google preinstalling Google Stadia on Chromebooks

Recent Chromium Code Change Suggests Google Stadia will be Installed on Chromebooks by Default

A recent code change in Chromium strongly implies that Google will pre-install Google Stadia onto its Chromebooks…

Google Chromebooks already come with a number of useful apps pre-installed and ready-to-go. But, that’s apparently not enough. The technology giant is apparently adding at least one more — Google Stadia. That’s right. A new change in the Chromium code points to a not-too-far-off future where Chromebooks come with Google Stadia straight out of the box.

Google Pre-Installing Google Stadia on Chromebooks

For those unfamiliar, Google Stadia is a software suite/hardware package that allows people to play high-quality games without the need for a dedicated console. People can stream their challenge of choice, only needing a hand controller to play. It’s Google’s way of grabbing some coveted market share while simultaneously moving consumers away from big, bulky, and super-expensive gaming consoles.

With the change, Stadia will appear on the first page of Chrome OS’s app drawer, right next to Google Duo. Obviously, this won’t apply to current Chromebook users, that is, unless owners powerwash their machines after the change takes effect on Chrome OS. But, for those who don’t want the coming new shortcut, it’s always possible to uninstall it. Since this change is still under review, it probably won’t become available until version 87 at the earliest.

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