June 23, 2022
Google Preparing Chromebook Phone Screen Mirroring Support

Google is Closer to Equipping Chromebooks with Phone Screen Mirroring Support

Google has created a new software codenamed “Eche SWA” and a look at its construction strongly hints its for Chromebook phone screen mirroring…

Google recently released Phone Hub on Chrome OS, which serves as a software bridge between Chromebooks and smartphones. This makes it a cinch o access recent tabs, see notifications, and share a phone’s hotspot. But, it appears the search giant has more to offer. Both 9to5Google and XDA Developers report Chromebook owners might soon be able to view their phones’ screen right on their laptops.

Google Preparing Chromebook Phone Screen Mirroring Support

Thanks to a new batch of software codenamed “Eche SWA,” which broadcasts video via WebRTC (the same tech that’s used for video chat apps), there’s new evidence phone screen mirroring is about to arrive on Chromebooks. Part of the code reads, “Implements the core logic of the EcheApp which is a SWA to transmitting video and bidirectional data over WebRTC.”

Coupled with Phone Hub for Chrome OS, this likely means Google is readying its Chromebook platform for phone screen mirroring. In fact, there’s even a dummy window in the new Eche app, a placeholder depicting such capabilities. But, when it launches, it might only work with Pixel phones — at least, in the initial release.

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