May 21, 2022
Google Preparing Google Assistant Voice Commands without Hotwords

Get Ready to Use Google Assistant without Speaking the Hotwords ‘Hey Google’ — Maybe

Google is one step closer to letting smart device owners access Google Assistant without requiring ‘Hey Google’ hotwords for common tasks…

Google is about to make its incredibly capable Google Assistant more easily accessible. Instead of needing hotwords prompt, such as ‘Okay Google,’ or ‘Hey Google,’ the tech company is switching over to straightforward voice commands. These will work for about twenty tasks that are probably among the most common. Google has been working on an Assistant project codenamed “Guacamole” since at least April. Now, it appears the company is closer to releasing its first public utility.

Google Preparing Google Assistant Voice Commands without Hotwords

Google’s “Guacamole” feature will let people use Assistant through “Quick phrases,” and most notably, without having to speak hotwords to trigger the digital assistant. In other words, instead of having to say those now very familiar hotwords aloud, it will be possible to just voice commands. Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list but does concentrate on alarms, connecting with others, media controls, timers, to-dos, and general information. Here’s what the folks over at 9to5Google reports:

  • Set alarms: “Set an alarm for 7 a.m.”
  • Cancel alarms: “Cancel the alarm”
  • Show alarms: “What time is my alarm set for?”
  • Send broadcasts: “Send a broadcast”
  • Respond to calls: “Answer” & “Decline”
  • Ask about time: “What time is it?”
  • Ask about weather: “What’s the weather?”
  • Turn lights on & off: “Turn the lights on”
  • Turn lights up & down: “Increase the brightness”
  • Control volume: “Turn up the volume”
  • Pause & resume music: “Pause the music”
  • Skip tracks: “Skip this song”
  • Set timers: “Set a timer for 2 minutes”
  • Cancel timers: “Cancel the timer”
  • Pause & resume timers: “Pause the timer”
  • Reset timers: “Reset the timer”
  • Show timers: “How much time is left?”
  • Reminders: “Create a reminder”
  • Family notes: “Create a family note”

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