April 8, 2021
Google previous search activity cards

Google Introduces Previous Search Activity Cards, making It a Cinch to Quickly Find Prior Queries

Google previous search activity cards readily show users their prior queries and gives them control over what to keep and what to discard…

It’s been over twenty years since Google launched its search engine. Today (and for many years prior), it’s a life staple. The company teased a new look-back feature in late September and now, it’s here.

Google Previous Search Activity Cards Organize Prior Queries

It’s a way to revisit previous searches right from the Google app or through the search portal’s mobile site. These activity cards display previously searched topics. As long as users are logged into an active Google account, they can quickly find what they were seeking before.

The new Google previous search activity cards can even be saved — much like the Pinterest tool. It’s under “Your related activity,” and it lets people resume right where they left off.

What’s more, there are granular controls. Meaning, users can delete individual entries or turn them off.

To see it in-action, just fire up the Google app or navigate to Google.com on a mobile device. Enter a previous search term and if available, the page will display related queries. It’s somewhat similar to how the Recent tab works on the Google app, but is organized into listings and carousels.

The Google previous search activity cards are live now in the United States. Google did not say when it will roll out to other markets.

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