November 4, 2022
Google Drive spam

Google Commits to Seriously Dealing with Google Drive’s Spam Issues

Google Drive spam is an ongoing problem and now, the tech and search company pledges to make an effort to really do something about it…

Even though Google Drive is a very powerful cloud service, it’s not without problems. Quite popular as an alternative to Microsoft Office, it offers file storage and sharing.

But, that same sharing functionality is a bit too lax since it’s a cinch to spam people with files and folders. Making it worse, is there’s no way to completely remove said spam once shared.

Google Prioritizes Fixing Google Drive’s Spam Problem

Google now states it’s aware of the issue and promises to deliver a fix. Perhaps the biggest problem is the fact that users aren’t required to accept spam content before it appears. Plus, “deleting” it doesn’t actually remove it. Which obviously means someone can share spam and the recipient is stuck with it. It remains in the “Shared with you” section. Making it more difficult is there’s no way to remove it at all if it’s view-only access.

However, Google tells website How-To Geek it’s exploring ways to deal with the problem of spam:

“For the vast majority of users, the default sharing permissions in Drive work as intended. Unfortunately, this was not the case for this user and we sincerely apologize for her experience. In light of this issue, we are evaluating changes to our spam, abuse, and blocking features that will prevent this kind of activity from taking place on Drive. In the interim, users who are experiencing similar issues can remove themselves from the folder, and the folder should not reappear in either ‘My Drive’ or ‘Shared with Me’ unless they revisit it.”

Although Google pledges to do something about it, the company didn’t offer any details or provide a timeline for the fix.

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