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Google Wants to Replace SMS Texts with RCS

Google RCS

Google is a huge proponent of RCS or Rich Communication Services, the next generation of SMS and it says over 40 carriers and device makers are onboard…

RCS or Rich Communication Services might well take the place of plain text messages and sooner rather than later. In a new blog post, Google reveals that it’s been working with both carriers and device manufacturers to bring the RCS experience to more mobile users. 

Google Promoting RCS as the Next Generation of SMS

Popular apps already offer a number of features which go way past the standard-SMS interactions. These include, but are not limited to: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, and others. RCS is a GSM standard but carriers have yet to show enthusiasm for the technology. However, Google is its biggest ambassador, to-date.

“With RCS, businesses can send more useful and interactive messages to their customers. This means, for example, that a retailer can send beautiful images of their products, rather than a text message, and even let the customer select and buy something, all without leaving the messaging app. Best of all, customers who have already opted in to SMS messages from a business get this upgraded experience automatically in Android Messages,” Amir Sarhangi, Head of RCS, explains.

Of course, the purpose behind this is to benefit both businesses and end-users. With RCS, companies can send rich messages which include things such as airline boarding passes, package delivery notifications, and more. Not only that, the messages can include advanced tech like suggested replies, as well as specific actions (request a seat change, call a company, and more).

RCS is catching-on with carriers, particularly ones in Europe and Latin America. “By making rich, interactive messaging features available to consumers in their default messaging app, RCS has the potential to be as ubiquitous as SMS is today,” Patrick Malatack, VP of Product and GM of Messaging at Twilio, told TechCrunch.

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