October 14, 2021
malicious Android apps

Google Removed almost 30 Malicious Android Apps from the Play Store, some Downloaded Millions of Times

Malicious Android apps continue to prove problematic for the Play Store, as Google just removed 29 offenders for promoting scams and stealing pics…

At the beginning of last month, Google pulled about 85 adware apps from its Play Store. Though the search giant continues to strengthen its screening process, another twenty-nine managed to slip through.

Now, Google has removed another 29 bad actors from its mobile platform. These malicious Android apps pushed intrusive ads, scammed users, and some went so far as to steal content.

Google Pulls Over Two Dozen Malicious Android Apps from the Play Store

Almost two dozen malicious Android apps displayed full-screen ads (even pornography), while others ran phishing schemes to abscond away with personal info under the guise of contests. Practically all were camera and photo apps. In fact, some claimed to beautify pictures but actually stole photos.

What’s more, the malicious Android apps concealed themselves, going so far as to stay out of the standard app list. Meaning, users couldn’t easily locate them to delete the applications.

Although Google did identify these malicious Android apps, the company only found them after millions of downloads. Of the offenders, 11 apps were downloaded more than 100,000 times. Three were downloaded more than one million times.

So, caveat emptor remains a strong guard against becoming a victim.

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