September 23, 2022

Google just Yanked this Viral App from the Play Store over Ostensible Violation

Google has ousted an app that went viral over the course of just days for allegedly running afoul of its Play Store terms and conditions…

Well, that didn’t take long. After a new mobile app found its way onto the Google Play Store less than two weeks ago, it’s been unceremoniously removed from the platform. The app in question gained huge popularity in a very short time, amassing millions of downloads before being pulled down.

Google Pulls ‘Remove China Apps’ Mobile Application from the Play Store

The infamous app, “Remove China Apps,” originally appeared on or about May 19th. In only a short span, it managed to rack up more than 1 million installs, most of which came out of India. However, due to its purpose, Google withdrew it from the Play Store because it violated the company’s Deceptive Behavior Policy. Those rules prohibit software from either encouraging or misleading people into “removing or disabling third-party apps.”

It ran a program that identifies the countries of origin of all the apps running on a phone. However, it had its limitations. For instance, in tests conducted by the folks over at Android Authority, it failed to recognize all the apps coming out of China. And, it did not identify apps that come pre-installed on Chinese smartphones. Moreover, it didn’t detect and remove such apps. Instead, it gave users the option to scan their devices and then decide whether or not to permanently remove any flagged applications.

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