August 6, 2022
Google Quality Score data ending

Google Quality Score Data to End Soon

Google Quality Score data will soon end with an extended drop date of October 10th for new and underperforming keywords in AdWords accounts…

Originally, Google Quality Score data in AdWords would return null results for new and underperforming keywords, effective September 12th. However, Google is extending its cessation date to Monday, October 10th. (For those who are new or unfamiliar, AdWords is a cost per click advertising system.)

“Last month, we announced that null Quality Scores will be rolling out in AdWords the week of September 12th, 2016. To give advertisers more time to review their reports, filters, rules, and scripts that rely on Quality Scores, null Quality Scores will now roll out the week of October 10th, 2016,” the company wrote on its official Google+ page.

Google Quality Score Data will End October 10th in AdWords

Currently, Google AdWords delivers a default score of ‘6’ when a quality score is indeterminable. After October 10th, new interminable results for underperforming or new keywords will return a null data symbol of dashes. This will also apply to campaign keywords without recent activity in AdWords accounts. 

Recently, two Google ranking algorithm updates appeared with changes on the SERP. Various trackers, such as Mozcast, SERP Metrics, and Accuranker all recorded fluctuations. But Google downplayed the ranking algorithm update as “nothing specific, sorry — we’re always working to improve things!”

A number of changes are in the works at Google and other Alphabet properties. A new YouTube feature called Community is replacing Discussions to take market share away from ad revenue rival Facebook. Built from Google+, Community allows users to post text, GIFs, live video, images, and more. Currently, limited collaboration with select Creators is debuting but the platform announced future expansion plans.

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