November 5, 2022
Google Quietly Working on Display Language Change Option for Maps

Google is Finally Bringing a Long Overdue Feature to Maps

Google is secretly working on a new tool that will allow its Maps users select their native language for the on-screen navigation display…

Google Maps is one of the most widely-used navigation platforms on the planet. It’s so popular, the software can be found in just about every part of the globe. And although it allows users to select their spoken driving instructions in their native languages, the same strangely isn’t true for its on-screen display. In other words, Google Maps users can deliver audio driving instructions in a myriad of languages, but it doesn’t support changing the on-screen display language.

Google Quietly Working on On-Screen Display Language Change Option for Maps

That discordance is apparently about to come to an end. Google is busily working behind-the-scenes to bring the option to select the on-screen language to Maps (at least on Android). The early indications reveal that it will take a bit of effort, however. Right now, the existing code will require users to close and relaunch the app in order to apply the changes. But, there’s something a bit more promising.

According to what’s known, Google is also developing a way to auto-detect languages to suggest. This, probably based on the system settings users have chosen on their mobile devices. Plus, Google Maps 10.53.1 will introduce additional Driving Mode improvements. 

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