October 1, 2022
Google ranking algorithm update

Google Ranking Algorithm Update Downplayed by Search Engine

Recent Google ranking algorithm update activity seen by many professional SEOs downplayed by well-known Webmaster Trends Analyst…

In the first week of the month, various SEOs reported spotting two Google search algorithm rank updates. Many webmasters witnessed changes in the Google search engine results page.

Last Tuesday, early signals of another update occurred, intensifying on Thursday. Through the remainder of the week the signals became stronger. Such activity makes the webmaster and SEO community confident of an algorithmic change in organic search results.

Latest Google Ranking Algorithm Update Called “Fluctuations” by Search Engine Webmaster Trends Analyst

Several SEO forums are discussing the reported changes as tracking tools show significant variations, including RankRanger, Accuranker, and Mozcast. However, the search engine’s public relations team would not directly comment. The Google PR team instead pointed to a John Mueller tweet

Other tools also showed fluctuations in Google’s organic rankings, although Mueller stated, “nothing specific, sorry — we’re always working to improve things!” The consensus in the SEO community these updates are not related to Google Penguin. However, there is no official word from the search engine.

Last week, Google search results deindexing reached 1.75 billion and continues to climb. On Friday, the company released a study revealing search dominates consumer mobile shopping. The survey included 1,000 smartphone users and collected more than 14,000 responses to better understand mobile shopping behavior. It found 70 percent of in-store consumers used their smartphones to research products before purchasing products.

In addition, Google continues to push website security. The search engine will soon warn users away from unencrypted login sites.

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