June 23, 2022
Google RCS support

Google Announces it Will Take the Lead on RCS Away from Carriers, Beginning in the UK and France

The Google RCS support strategy has changed and now, the company will go forward with the roll out, instead of waiting on mobile carriers…

For some time now, Google has attempted to convince wireless carriers of adopting RCS support or Rich Communication Services. But, that approach hasn’t really worked out. So, the tech giant is taking the lead and will roll out RCS on its own.

Google RCS Support Roll Out Gains more Momentum

Popular apps already offer a number of features which go way past the standard-SMS interactions. These include, but are not limited to: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, and others. RCS is a GSM standard but carriers have yet to show enthusiasm for the technology. However, Google is its biggest proponent, to-date.

Nevertheless, Google isn’t making a convincing case, apparently. Which is why the company is taking the initiative to move forward with it, starting on Android in the United Kingdom and France.

Google plans to bring the option to more countries during the year. When available, people will see a prompt to upgrade to the platform. If two parties opt-in, they’ll have the benefits of receiving high-resolution pictures and videos and read/sent receipts, as well as see typing indicators.

Although RCS is generally an improvement over SMS, it still has its drawbacks. It does not offer end-to-end encryption and it’s also tied to a phone number, meaning it won’t work with non-phone devices.

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