November 6, 2022
Google Re-Integrates Android Auto Calendar App

Google has Finally Brought Back this Super-Useful Feature to Android Auto

Android Auto is regaining a feature Google removed during its 2019 redesign, which makes it easier to navigate to upcoming appointments…

A fresh Google update to Android Auto will bring back one of its most useful tools. Back in 2019, the tech company redesigned Android Auto. During the overhaul, it lost some of its smart features. Now, there are some that are returning. Among them is its re-adding of a Calender app, which was replaced with a button that read out upcoming appointments through Google Assistant.

Google Re-Integrates Android Auto Calendar App

Along with the return of the Calendar app to Android Auto comes relevant shortcuts. These will help when it’s time to run an errand or meet up with someone else. For instance, when picking up a birthday cake, users will have the option to call the bakery or get directions to the store. So, it will expand Calendar’s capabilities to provide a little more function that’s useful in a timely manner.

Additionally, Google is working with its “early access partners” to build new apps and categories for Android Auto. Among them are things like navigation, parking, and electric vehicle charging. Of course, these will have to go through testing. Meaning there’s no guarantee they’ll become part of stable release.

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