November 3, 2022
Google Rebranding its Chromebook Search or Launcher Key 'Everything' Button

Google is Renaming its Chromebook ‘Search’ or ‘Launcher’ Button to the ‘Everything’ Key

Chromebooks have been different from the very beginning and now, with Google transitioning more shortcuts to one button, it’s being rebranded…

Google has quietly announced that it will rename its Chromebook “Launcher” or “Search” key to the “Everything” button. It’s a very small change, but one with a lot of significance. That’s because Google continues to add new functionality to it, placing more shortcuts behind it. So, since it serves an expanded number of resources, Google thinks it’s appropriate to give it a more descriptive yet fun name.

Google Rebranding its Chromebook Search or Launcher Key ‘Everything’ Button

From their introduction to the public in June of 2011, Chromebooks have definitely been different. Once mocked as glorified web browsers packed into laptop form, Chromebooks have become one of the best sellers, particularly popular with schools. But, they’ve always lacked the “F” or Function keys at the top, and featured a button with a magnifying glass instead of a CAPS Lock key. Now, the so-called Search or Launcher button is being rebranded as the “Everything” key: 

“All Chromebooks are equipped with the Everything Button. It’s one button that can help you find your things fast. Use this button to search Google, your Drive, apps, files and more — all from one place.

Do you know this key by another name? It’s a new name for the ‘Launcher’ or ‘Search’ button on Chromebook keyboards. The new name for the ‘Launcher’ in this campaign was chosen to reflect user feedback, and highlight that Chromebooks have a dedicated button on their keyboards that enables them to search through files, apps, Drive, the web and more.”

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