August 6, 2022

Google Headed into Heated Battle

fighting spamMountain View, California–As the South by Southwest or SXSW unfolds in Austin, Texas, some big news is breaking. Big G’s innovative glasses are falling short of expectations and smaller start-ups are making a splash. But one thing that’s sure to rock the SEO world did come-about, when the search engine giant’s chief webspam engineer was asked about any upcoming algorithm updates.

Matt Cutts stated in a panel discussion revolving around the Panda and Penguin updates that there will be a fresh release by no later than Friday, March 15th of Panda. Cutts elaborated that Google is in a heated battle, trying to shut down spammers and those who attempt to manipulate the system to gain higher organic rankings.

The webspam guru confirmed there will be a super large Penguin update that will be released sometime before the end of 2013. Additionally, at least 1 or 2 of the largest link networks on the web will be taken out of Google’s index.

The efforts are yet another example of how search engines are effectively ending search engine optimization as it is currently constituted. White hats need not worry about the fresh releases of Panda and Penguin but anyone using black or grey hat techniques will soon see their efforts producing no results, only penalization.

As the internet moves toward the semantic web or what some term as Web 3.0, natural, organic behaviors are being hugely favored over automatic software or manual manipulation. The redoubling of efforts reinforces previous algorithmic signal changes, such as downgrading link building and weighting-up social shares.

Cutts stated that Google is being vigilant in its fight against spam to make the internet a better, safer resource. The software engineer mentioned the increase of spammers and how devious methodologies are becoming. Cutts cited as one example that a Top 50 University has “cheap viagra pills” right on the learning institution’s main page, according to Search Engine Journal.