June 19, 2021
Google reminder ads mute feature

Google Now Lets Everyone Turn Off those Annoying Remarketing Ads

A new Google reminder ads mute feature now lets users temporarily shut off remarketing ads that follow people around the web…

Google has announced it will allow users to mute certain ads. Google just updated its ads settings. And, it now lets people shut off ads they’ve seen too many times. The new option primarily applies to remarketing ads, served up by Google itself.

Google Reminder Ads Mute Feature Introduced

Google dubs these “reminder ads” and going forward, users can mute ads from specific brands when too repetitive. For instance, if someone searches for Disney Magic Bands, and goes to the official site to buy one or more, but doesn’t actually complete the transaction, he or she will probably see retargeting or reminder ads on other websites.

The option is currently located in a new section of the Google ads settings, under “Your reminder ads.” Here, users can see which brands are retargeting them and mute which ones they choose. (It’s important to note this only works with Google served ads and not non-Google served advertisements.)

Credit: Google

However, muting specific advertisers doesn’t shut off the retargeting campaigns forever. That’s because the Google reminder ads mute feature only works for 90 days. The good news is ads can easily be blocked not just on websites, but in apps, as well. In the coming months, Google will expand the option to other platforms, such as YouTube, search, and Gmail.

What’s more, the search engine enables a sync feature. So, it works across all signed-in devices. For example, if a user signs into their Google account from a smartphone and mutes an ad, it won’t show up on a laptop or desktop.

Learn more about the new Google reminder ads mute feature here.

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