October 1, 2022
Google Removed Hundreds of Thousands of Malicious Apps from the Play Store Last Year

Google Reveals it Blocked Hundreds of Thousands of Malicious Android Apps Last Year from the Play Store

Despite Google’s best efforts to prevent malicious code from being offered on the Play Store, nearly a million bad Android apps made it through…

Google recently revealed its ongoing efforts to stop bad actors from placing malicious apps on the Play Store. The internet giant published its data on the official Security Blog, detailing its efforts to prevent malware and other harmful programs from victimizing unwitting consumers. Krish Vitaldevara, Director of Product Management Trust & Safety for Google Play says the company stopped nearly one million apps from being listed.

Google Removed Hundreds of Thousands of Malicious Apps from the Play Store Last Year

In the post, Vitaldevara explains, “Our core efforts around identifying and mitigating bad apps and developers continued to evolve to address new adversarial behaviors and forms of abuse.” This includes no fewer than 119,000 app developer accounts were shut down last year, along with more than 962,000 apps were prevented from being listed on the Google Play Store. (Machine learning stopped those nine-hundred, sixty-plus thousand bad apps from appearing in the first place.)

It goes to the ongoing dangers of installing mobile applications, which are most prevalent in developing markets. For instance, at least 1 in 6 mobile devices in Brazil, Indonesia, and Thailand, carry at least one infected app. Furthermore, 29% of those malicious apps were listed on the official Google Play Store.

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