October 2, 2022
Google Removes Android Apps for Stealing Facebook Passwords from Google Play Store

Delete the Following Popular Apps Right Now because They’re Stealing Facebook Passwords

Google has removed several Android apps from the Google Play Store after discovering the program were stealing Facebook login credentials…

Google is on a never-ending quest to rid its Play Store of bad actors. Despite the tech giants many efforts to keep malicious programs off the marketplace, malware and other nefarious apps still manage to evade detection. Fortunately, third-party security experts are also on the lookout and have recently discovered at least nine Trojan mobile applications that were stealing Facebook login details.

Google Removes Android Apps for Stealing Facebook Passwords from Google Play Store

The offending programs claimed more than 5.8 million installations before being identified. What’s more, they were very popular and used rather benign titles to more easily fool unsuspecting people into downloading them, like “Horoscope Daily” and “Rubbish Cleaner.” As with many of these types of bogus applications, they employed some clever hijacking techniques.

The malware tricked people by loading the real Facebook sign-in page. However, in the background the programs also loaded JavaScript from a command server to steal cookies from the authorization session. Here is a complete list of the malicious Android apps Google removed from its Play Store and consumers should uninstall right away, if still present on their mobile devices.

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