September 17, 2022
Google Removes Great Suspender Chrome Extension from the Web Store due to Malware Threat

Google Removed this Super-Popular Chrome Extension from the Web Store because It’s Riddled with Malware

Google has taken the very popular Great Suspender Chrome plugin off its digital Web Store, after discovering it was infected with malware…

The Chrome Web Store is without yet another popular browser extension after Google removed the plugin due to its malware threat. Not only has the software package been deleted from the Web Store, Google has taken the additional security measure of disabling the extension across all accounts that previously installed the program. That extra step clearly demonstrates how much of a problem the plugin poses.

Google Removes Great Suspender Chrome Extension from the Web Store due to Malware Threat

The malware-ridden Chrome browser extension in question is the Great Suspender. For those unfamiliar with the plugin, it automatically put unused tabs to sleep, while still making them easy to reload when reengaged. Basically, the program effectively reduced the amount of RAM the browser consumes, which obviously improved its overall performance, including speed.

However, it appears the once much-lauded extension changed ownership, which led to the Great Suspender becoming inundated with malicious code. It was sold sometime last year to an unknown party. After it was sold, the new owner released an updated version that’s vulnerable to a remote code execution attack. Version 7.1.8 was the first to include the malware strain. Microsoft was the first to remove the program from its Edge store and now, Google has taken the same action.

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