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Google just Removed these 7 Malware-Ridden Apps from the Play Store — Delete them Right Now

Google removes seven malware apps from the Play Store

Credit: IT Security Guru

Google has removed yet another set of mobile apps from the Play Store that contain malware and people should delete them from their devices immediately…

Google has taken seven more Android apps out of its Play Store over malware contamination. Discovered by a threat research team at Wandera, these apps would hide themselves from users after downloading in order to carry out their malicious behavior. The apps in question could also grab harmful traits from other sources.

Google Removes Seven Malware Apps from the Play Store

The tech company removed the apps, which were designed to open back-doors onto an infected device. Additionally, these malicious apps are also capable of pulling other malware from elsewhere. Security experts warn these applications are a twofold threat. They are dropper apps. Meaning, the programs download malware payload apps and then install said payload on targeted devices.

This action creates one dropper app and one payload app. So, both must be found and deleted. The dropper app alone is capable of bypassing Play Store security measures and can even invite threats from outside the ecosystem.

Below is a list of the malware apps from iSoft LLC, LizotMitis, and PumpApp:

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