November 3, 2022
Google Renames its Phone App to Phone by Google

Google Makes a Small but Noticeable Change to its Phone App after Launch of Android 11

Google quietly changed the name of its proprietary phone application, re-branding it ‘Phone by Google’ on the Google Play Store…

The launch of Android 11 brought with it an avalanche of news. Alongside it came a number of changes, including expanding support for its Phone app to non-Pixel devices. (Plus, it added its brand new “Verified Calls” technology that tells people why businesses are calling. But, there was another subtle change — Google renamed its ‘Phone’ app to ‘Phone by Google – Caller ID & Spam Protection.’ Though seemingly insignificant, it’s a smart move.

Google Renames its ‘Phone’ App to ‘Phone by Google’

The re-branding places Google’s name in a conspicuous place. Moreover, labeling it with an apt “Caller ID & Spam Protection” description definitely tells people precisely what it does. It highlights the key capabilities, which are very much appreciated amidst the robocall environment of today. So, when people go searching through the Play Store, it’s immediately clear what’s being offered. 

Meanwhile, there’s no change to the actual app name that appears on the homescreen and/or launcher. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see if Google renames Messages (again). Previously, it was named “Android Messages,” but it’s commonly referred to as “Google Messages.” 

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