November 4, 2022
Chrome Duplex

Google to Rename Chrome Duplex to Avoid Confusion with Google Duplex

Google states it will change the name of Chrome Duplex, a split toolbar, to Chrome Duet in order to avoid confusion with Google Duplex…

With the introduction of Chrome 69, Chrome Duplex begins to take final form. It’s a feature which allows users to more easily access controls on large devices, along with the usual address bar. But, there’s just one minor problem — its name — Chrome Duplex. That’s the same moniker¬†given to its up-and-coming virtual assistant. (The one which stirred up a big fuss when making a phone call because it sounded so much like a real human.)

Google Renaming Chrome Duplex

Although the “Duplex” name dates back to February (prior to the introduction of the virtual assistant at Google I/O this year), it appears the browser team is giving way to the Assistant division. It’s actually more likely the latter crew has been working on the virtual assistant much longer than the browser squad.

Thus, the explanation for the comment on the Chromium site, which states:

“Rename Chrome Duplex to Chrome Duet

This rename is to avoid name collision with Google Duplex; a feature completely unrelated to Chrome toolbars.”

However pithy the comment, it clearly shows the Duplex name is more familiarly relatable to the Assistant. Given the other isn’t out means it can easily be rebranded for its own identity. So, Duet will now be the name for the browser feature.