November 9, 2022
Google renaming Photos Assistant tab For You

Google is Changing the Assistant Tab Name on Google Photos to ‘For You’

Google will rename the Assistant tab in Photos “For You,” in order to make it more clear its purpose, which isn’t the same as its virtual assistant…

There’s Google Assistant, which is the tech company’s virtual assistant. Then, there’s the Assistant tab in Google Photos. Confusingly, these two aren’t the same, though they share the exact same name.

Google Renaming Photos Assistant Tab ‘For You’

The Assistant in Google Photos suggests photo collages, creates custom animations, makes movies, and assembles albums for trips and special occasions. It is also the tool that suggests archiving images and more. But, it’s not the same as Google Assistant, the company’s well-known digital assistant.

Now, Google has edited a support document, renaming it from “Assistant” to “For you.” However, that appears to be the only change. Google Photos should function just as it did before.

The name change will probably take some time to arrive on the mobile app. But, it’s already got a new URL on the web to check out at:

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