August 11, 2022
Google Reply

Google Calls it Quits on the Area 120 ‘Rely’ Experiment

Google Reply, an experimental feature created by Area 120, comes to an unceremonious end, as the company informs its users via email…

One of Google’s most useful features is smart reply. It appears in email client Gmail and in the now defunct Inbox by Gmail. The technology is also found in Allo and might soon be found in Gboard. (For those unfamiliar, smart replies are automatically generated, contextual message responses.) Area 120, an experimental section within Google, brought the technology to third-party apps, simply called “Reply.”

Google ‘Reply’ App Experiment Ended

The Google Reply app experiment has now come to a close. This isn’t necessarily a surprise, given it was a standalone app. And, that wasn’t exactly the best way to implement the technology. 

This doesn’t by any means constitute a failure. Contrary, it’s a huge success, being adopted into a number of Google services. The app will continue to work over the next few months. However, it won’t receive any further support nor will it receive updates.

Here’s the email sent out to users:

Hello Reply user,

You’re receiving this email because you installed the Reply app from Area
120 at Google. Thanks for doing that!

As you know, Reply was an experiment, and that experiment has now ended.
While it might still work for the next few months, you may encounter bugs,
or see that the suggestions aren’t as good.

We worked with teams in Google to make sure the ideas and learnings from
Reply will live on in other Google products.

All the best, and see you next time!
The Reply Team at Area 120

Smart replies don’t always suggest the best recommendations. But, it’s evolved to a more sophisticated level and will only improve going forward.

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