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Google is Testing New Smart Reply App that Integrates with Popular Messaging Apps

Google Reply app

Credit: Google

A newly released test version of the Google Reply app, sent out from Area 120, integrates with other messaging apps to produce smart replies…

One of Google’s most useful features is smart replies. These appear in email clients Gmail and Inbox by Gmail. The technology is also found in Allo and might soon be found in Gboard. (For those unfamiliar, smart replies are automatically generated, contextual message responses.) Now, Area 120, an experimental division of the search engine, is inviting a limited number of developers to try a new app, simply called ‘Reply.’

Google ‘Reply’ App Testing Begins from Area 120

It’s namesake and function are simple. The Google Reply app integrates with other messaging platforms to populate smart replies. Here’s the text of the email, along with accompanying images, quoted directly:

You probably get a lot of chat messages. And you want to be there for people, but also for people in the real world. What if replying were literally one tap away?

Reply puts the Smart Reply you may know from Google right into notifications from the chat apps you use most often. It looks like this:

Credit: Google

But it also adds replies that are slightly smarter, like this:

Credit: Google

Other things to try:

Those interested in testing Reply can complete this sign-up form for a chance to participate.

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