August 5, 2022
Google Stamp

Google Reportedly Working on a Snapchat Discover Clone Called “Stamp”

Google Stamp, a new visual publication format, similar to Snapchat Discover, is in the works, according to a news report by the Wall Street Journal…

Search engine Google is in the midst of creating a new visual discovery publication format, built to suit media companies, according to the Wall Street Journal. The tool is much like Snapchat Discover, a news stories curating feature, which allows users to find interesting content.

Google Stamp, a Snapchat Discover Clone, under Development

The new product, called Google Stamp, will soon be announced, as early as next week, and might even include well-known publishing partners, such as CNN, The Washington Post, and many more. The Stamp name is a portmanteau of AMP and “St” from the words “stories.” (For those unfamiliar, AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages, which load substantially faster than normal webpages.) 

Snapchat Discover
Credit: Snapchat

The term “stamp” itself has largely become nomenclature among advertisers and publishers, alike. The stamp format incorporates one to several short-form ephemeral visual content, used on social platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram, as well.

The WSJ piece describes the product as a collection of “swipeable slides”, which include text, photos, and videos — very similar to Snapchat Discover. Stamp stories reportedly will appear on the SERP or search engine results page of Google and on the mobile web. If sources are correct, this would lead to a wider audience compared to the relatively small captive audience of a single mobile app.

Google Stamp would also represent another foray into the same space as Facebook, offering something somewhat similar to the News Feed. Recently, Google introduced an improved feed on its native mobile app for both iOS and Android.

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