September 30, 2022
Google Retiring Password Checkup Chrome Extension

Google Prompting Password Checkup Users to Uninstall its Extension Now the Feature is Integrated into Chrome

Password Checkup debuted in October of last year as an optional browser extension but now, its functionality is fully integrated into Chrome…

Google released Password Checkup to alert people if their saved passwords were compromised as a result of breaches affecting other services. At the time, Google planned to bake it into its Chrome browser by the end of 2019. That tentative plan didn’t materialize but now, it’s been completed.

Google Retiring Password Checkup Chrome Extension

Google is alerting Password Checkup users it’s no longer necessary to have an extension installed, since the service is now part of Chrome. And, it’s still available on the web at, as well. Here, people can view a list of all the passwords they’ve saved in Chrome. But, the extension itself will go away on August 31st of this year. The prompt reads:

“Now that Password Checkup is integrated into Chrome, we will be sunsetting the Password Checkup extension on August 31, 2020. After this date, the Password Checkup extension will be disabled and no longer report whether a username or password has beeen in a data breach. In order to continue receiving warnings, users should instead sign-in to Chrome. Users must also ensure that Chrome is up to date and that the Chrome security setting ‘Warn you if passwords are exposed in a data breach’ is enabled (default unless previously changed).”

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