November 6, 2022
Google Retiring the YouTube Legacy Web Interface in Favor of the New Material Design

Say Goodbye to the Old YouTube for the Web, Google is Killing it Off in March

Google has quietly announced it will finally sunset its old YouTube web experience in the coming weeks, forcing users to switch to the new iteration…

About three years ago, in 2017, Google revamped its YouTube web interface, applying its new Material Theme or Material Design elements. Since that time, it’s been possible to stay on the old version, but that’s coming to an end sometime next month.

Google Retiring the YouTube Legacy Web Interface in Favor of the New Material Design

Google has revealed it will retire the old YouTube web interface in March. Until now, users could opt to revert back, avoiding the latest makeover. However, that alternative won’t be around too much longer.

The company updated its wildly popular video hosting site in order to make it consistent with its other products in 2017. Now, it’s taking the legacy version down, forcing everyone over to the new UI.

Here’s the full announcement, posted on a support page:

“Back in August 2017 we launched a new look for YouTube on desktop that introduced material design and new features like dark theme (check out the blog from 2017 here!). Note – up until now, people still had the option to opt-out of the new experience and continue using the older version of YouTube on desktop.

Enter 2020 and the older versions are missing many of the new features and design improvements we’ve introduced over the past 3 years, including top requests based on your feedback (see most recent update here). That’s why the older version will be going away in March and you’ll only be able to access newer desktop versions to enjoy the best of YouTube.

If you’re using an older version, you will see a notification telling you to ‘Switch to the new YouTube’. You may also need to update your browser if it’s not compatible with the new version (We’ll let you know in the notification message if this is the case!)”

And here’s a look back at YouTube over the years, courtesy of Google:

Credit: Google / YouTube

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