November 3, 2022
Google Hangout Chat app

Google make Small Changes to the Hangout Chat App to Better Organize Conversations

Google has tweaked its Hangout Chat app to offer more organization for the user interface, categorizing things to make conversations easier to follow…

Google has made a couple of small changes to its Hangout Chat apps for Android and iOS. Although not that remarkable, both bring more functionality.

Google Revamps its Hangout Chat App to more Effectively Organize Conversations

Basically Google has reorganized the Hangout Chat app to split a single column into two columns. Now, it’s broken down into categories: People and Rooms, with Bots accompanying People.

Google has pulled the filter, previously located at the top. Searches are conducted via the magnifying glass and chats can be initiated by tapping on the + sign in the bottom right corner.

Google writes on its official G Suite Updates blog:

“We’ve made some changes to the colors and layout of the Hangouts Chat apps on Android and iOS devices. These changes will make it easier to keep track of your chats and stay organized. One of the biggest changes you’ll notice is that the single list of ‘People,’ ‘Rooms,’ and ‘Bots’ is now two tabs: ‘People’ and ‘Rooms.’ Bots will now be included in the ‘People’ tab, making it easier to find a single contact.”

Google Hangout Chat app redesign
Credit: Google

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