November 5, 2022
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Google Says Apps Relying too Much on White Drain Battery Life

App battery drain is a reality for too many devices, regardless of its maker and Google admits it’s due to the overuse of white…

No matter if it’s an Android or iOS device, there’s one commonality plaguing smartphones — battery drain. While manufactures continue to make strides toward longer-lasting devices, there’s still a long way to go. Bigger batteries, battery charge saving features are definitely helpful. But, it’s often not enough to substantially reduce battery drain.

Google Reveals App Design Battery Life Saver

During the Android Dev Summit 2018 that was just held in Mountain View, Google admitted what many tech-savvy individuals — apps relying too much white zap phone batteries big time.

Google conducted several experiments using an OG Pixel with a OLED display and other phones.  It studied energy consumption across devices, running white and dark themes. Turns out, dark modes helps preserve more battery life every time.

Google app battery saving

Furthermore, Google even admits the reliance on white as the predominant color for its Material Design apps was a mistake.

The tests showed using dark mode on YouTube can save up to 43 percent of batter life during video playback. It performed even better on pause, saving up to 60 percent (with the phone set to 100 percent brightness). The tests even found using the dark theme on Gboard reduced power consumption by as much as 21 percent.

Although Google confirms the battery saving benefits of dark modes, that doesn’t mean the public will see a sea-change switch from white to dark anytime soon.

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