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Google Explains How it’s Boosting Speeds on Chrome for Android

Google Reveals Chrome for Android Speed Boost

Credit: PhonAndroid

Google describes how it recently made performance optimization changes to its mobile Chrome browser for Android to increase its speed…

Google remains the most dominant search engine by far. It’s so popular, the company’s Chrome browser is the preferred internet portal for 65% of web users, constituting the vast majority of industry market share. But, the Chrome platform is a notorious resource hog, not always offering the fastest experience. So, the tech giant is constantly coming up with improvements to speed up its performance.

Google Reveals Chrome for Android Speed Boost

Google recently published a blog post claiming Chrome for Android now uses between 5% and 7% less memory, helping to load pages faster than it could ever before. Furthermore, that its median total memory usage increased by 5.2%, while its median renderer process memory usage improved by 7.9%, and its median GPU process memory usage improved by 7.6% after updating the application.

The company states that an attribute called “android:isolatedSplits” could be used to minimize the burden on resource-constrained smartphones and tablets. There’s a lot of technical nomenclatures used in the article but it boils down to only utilizing resources when absolutely needed. Otherwise, those resources will stay inactive, unless called for in certain instances. By isolating these splits, all features can exist in a state of readiness, but leap into action when needed.

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