May 22, 2022
Google Reveals Chrome OS Users Engage 50 percent more with Android Apps Year-Over-Year

New Google Report Claims Chrome OS Users are ‘Engaging” with Android Apps 50% more in YoY Comparison

Google recently released a report detailing end-user activity and trends, including Chrome OS users are using Android apps more often…

Google has just released a report that says Chrome OS users are 50% more engaged with Android apps in a year-over-year comparison. This is good news for developers who have been trying to figure out how to not only get app installs but also make sure their free apps convert into paid subscriptions or ads.

Google Reveals Chrome OS Users Engage 50% more with Android Apps Year-Over-Year

This Chrome OS metric specifically, according to internal Google data from 2020-2021, counts the “number of users engaging with Android apps.” It comes as Chrome OS in May grew 92% over the last year, which is at “five times the rate of the PC market” makes it the fastest-growing OS.

Google previously shared in October of 2019 that time spent in Android apps on Chrome OS had grown 4X YoY. Over the past two years, Android apps and the Play Store have further proliferated on Chromebooks, while more and more dedicated tablets are arriving.

In terms of what’s next, Google says it will provide developers with “more guidance and easy-to-use tools” in 2022.

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