July 4, 2022
Google rolling out automatic call screen to all Pixel phones running Android 10

Google will Bring Automatic Call Screening to All Pixel Phones Running Android 10 — Report Claims

Google is reportedly about to integrate automatic call screening on all Pixel devices running Android 10, after exclusively debuting on the Pixel 4…

One of the neatest and most useful features on later model Pixel phones is Call Screen. For those unfamiliar, this is a tool that allows Pixel owners to allow Google Assistant to screen incoming calls.

It also includes different response options, such as “Tell me more,” “Is it urgent?,” “Call me back,” and more. However, all of these, including initiating Call Screen, are manual actions.

But, a recent news report claims an automatic version — currently exclusive to the Pixel 4 — will soon be available to all Pixel models running Android 10, according to Business Insider.

Google Rolling Out Automatic Call Screening to All Pixel Phones Running Android 10

The Google Pixel automatic call screen feature works just a bit differently than its predecessor. When an unknown number phones, Google Assistant answers. Robocalls are immediately blocked thereafter. And, if there’s an actual human calling, Assistant allows the phone to ring.

As with regular Call Screen, Assistant provides Pixel owners with a transcript of the screening so they can decide whether or not to take the call.

Although, two Google support pages still say automatic call screening is only available on the Pixel 4.

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