July 28, 2021
Google Search 3D Augmented Reality Animals

Google’s 3D AR Animals Spike in Popularity amidst Coronavirus Quarantine

Google’s three-dimensional augmented reality animals that were added to search last year are experiencing heavier usage during the COVID-19 outbreak…

Back in June of 2019, Google introduced a nifty addition to its search results. The company built in three-dimensional, augmented reality wildlife, that people could view in their own environment. Now, the feature is seeing a substantial increase in usage as the coronavirus causes more isolation precautions.

Google Search 3D AR Animals Experiencing more User Activity

With with the prevalence of shelter-in-place and stay-at-home directives coming from local authorities around the world, people are understandably looking for entertainment and distractions.

That’s a perfect recipe for things like Google searches 3D AR wildlife, which brings animals right into people’s homes. The search feature debuted in the spring of last year and was greeted with enthusiasm. However, user activity quickly Wayne but now, people all over the world have rediscovered it.

A nifty bit of software engineering, Google searches three-dimensional, augmented reality creatures include a tiger, wolf, alligator, octopus, shark, hedgehog, and a whole host of others.

To see it in action, simply grab a mobile device and navigate over to Google. Then, search for a supported animal, and follow the on-screen instructions. Within moments, the beast will appear right on the screen, in the environment in which the searcher is standing. Here’s a list of all the animals Google search supports in 3D augmented reality: 

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