October 3, 2022
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Google Search Ads Tracked 4 Billion Store Visits

Google search ads confirm tracking 4 billion brick and mortar store visits, up from 1 billion visits recorded less than a year ago, the search engine states…

Google continues to ramp up its efforts to track in-store visits to online search engine ads. The company states it successfully captured more than 4 billion store visits occurring after consumers have clicked or tapped on an ad. 

Google Search Ads Confirms 4 Billion Store Visits

In September of last year, the search engine extended the two-year old store visits measurement program. It placed ads on the Display Network, stating the company had collected insights about 200 million retailers worldwide.

The search engine is able to measure such consumer behaviors through Location History tracking on mobile devices. When device owners opt into the Location History tracking program, Google gathers aggregated and anonymized data, Google surveys, and mapping technology.

“This allows us to reliably measure more store visits in contexts that are typically tricky, such as in multi-story malls and dense geographies where many business locations are situated close to each other,” Kishore Kanakamedala, director of product management for online-to-offline solutions, wrote in Wednesday’s blog post.

Google also uses deep learning models and machine learning to derive data from consumers. The company likewise continues to improve its mapping technology to better pinpoint locations.

“New innovations for measuring store visits will allow more AdWords advertisers to get these insights for the very first time, and deliver a richer and more complete data set to advertisers already using store visits.”

Currently, Google earns 77.8 percent of the $36.7 billion United States market share. The company demonstrably dominates search engine digital ad spending. Meanwhile, competitor Microsoft is forecast to grow from $2.79 billion to $3.02 billion over the next three years.

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