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Google Search Console Infrastructure Undergoing Updates

Google search console

The Google search console infrastructure is currently undergoing an internal overhaul, probably lasting through the rest of this month or longer…

At the first of the month, a Google search console infrastructure refresh began and is likely to continue through November, possibly into December or longer. Google confirmed it is performing updates to Webmaster Central. During the overhaul, some reports and information might be errant and functionality buggy. 

Google Search Console Infrastructure Currently Updating

The company told Search Engine Land it does not have a hard date as to the completion of the refresh, only that is “ongoing.” The search engine also said to its users, “thank you for your patience and hope to resume logging shortly.”

Google did make an assurance with Search Analytics data “should not be affected” by the updates. However, other sections of the analytics tool interface may “prevent data logging in some reports for the next few weeks.”

Many changes and initiatives are going on with and through Google. The company just published its progressive web apps recommendations for best practices for developers. Google also recently announced it would split its index to prioritize mobile listings. The company followed that announcement with another, revealing it would change search rankings according to mobile versions of digital properties.

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