August 1, 2021
Google Search Featured Snippet Highlighted Text going Live

Google Search Now Highlights the Most Relevant Text in Featured Snippets

Google is rolling out a new way to display relevant information inside Featured Snippets by highlighting the key points in yellow…

Search engine Google is about to make it a whole lot easier to get right to the most pertinent information. The company is introducing a new way of handling queries by highlighting the most relevant text inside Featured Snippets in yellow. (For those unfamiliar, Featured Snippets are the boxes Google puts at the top of search results that stands out alone.)

Google Search Featured Snippet Highlighted Text going Live

Google’s public search liaison, Danny Sullivan, states the feature has been in place for AMP or accelerated mobile pages, since 2018. And, it’s been under testing for HTML pages since last year. Now, it is live on the majority of Featured Snippets and browsers. However, Google says that functionality depends on what individual browsers support.

The good news for SEO and developers is the fact that there is no technical markup required to enable Featured Snippets. When available, browsers will automatically take searchers right to the pertinent information on the page. Although, if the features are unsupported, Google will take people right to the top of the source page as it usually does.

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