December 8, 2021
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People can Now Book a Hotel Room or Flight Right through Google Search

A new Google Search hotel room and flight booking option just hit the web, making it simpler to plan a pleasure or business trip…

Google has long worked to improve its travel-centric searches. In December, it added price tracking for flights and hotels. Just about a week ago, it announced it could report flight delays even before official word came from airlines. Now, it’s going a step further with a new feature.

“We’re evolving the way our hotel search works on smartphones to help users explore options and make decisions on their smallest screens. The new hotel search experience includes better price filtering, easier-to-find amenity information and the ability to book right from Google,” Eric Zimmerman Director, Travel Product Management, writes.


Google Search Hotel Room and Flight Reservation Feature Rolls Out

The new Google search hotel room and fight tool allows travelers to book reservations without having to visit different websites. Here’s a look at the booking feature, in action:

Credit: Google

It’s here, travelers will find an option to search flights first, then hotel accommodations, complete with images and maps. What’s more, it also includes location and price. Alternatively, travelers can easily search for hotel rooms instead of flights. Additionally, all pertinent information is available right inside handy tabs. Plus, people who use the Trips app for Android or iOS will see all their details in one location.

This is just part of an ongoing effort to provide a less fractured, more seamless experience. Instead of visiting various travel sites on the web, people can now easily find flights and hotels in one location.

The new feature is now rolling out to select countries over the next few days.

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