October 5, 2022
Google search index

Google Search Index to Split, Prioritize Mobile Listings

The main Google search index will soon be split, siloing mobile from desktop, providing priority to mobile listings with more updates…

In the coming months, the Google search index will split desktop from mobile listings, prioritizing the latter over the former. Google will update and refresh the mobile index rapidly, while updating desktop listings less often. The news comes from an announcement at Pubcon by Gary Illyes.

The Google Search Index will Split Desktop from Mobile, Focusing Priority on Mobile Listings

The change isn’t surprising, since it follows the search engine’s Mobilegeddon warning in 2015, websites without mobile or responsive design would receive less preference in organic results.

A mobile only index will provide Googlebot the ability to deliver breaking news faster. In addition, it will offer mobile consumers a better user experience. This move emphasizes Google’s seriousness about its mobile-first preference. Additionally, it demonstrates the importance of AMP or accelerated mobile pages.

Increasingly, mobile search outpaces desktop. In July 2014, mobile exceeded desktop search, a trend which continues today. Recently, a Searchmetrics study revealed fewer listings in organic results, down from an average of 10 to 8.5.

For businesses, webmasters, designers, SEOs, and marketers alike, this impending change proves mobile as the foreseeable future of consumer preference. Slumping desktop sales and manufacturers newest products featuring mobile devices provide more evidence.

At the end of September, accelerated mobile pages or AMP began appearing in the Google organic search results page.

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