September 22, 2021
Google search restaurant wait times

Find Restaurant Wait Times on Google Search and Maps

Google search restaurant wait times now appear in results and on Google Maps, giving users real-time information about nearly 1 million eateries…

Google Maps introduced parking availability in twenty-five cities back in January. Before that, the search giant added and expanded its Popular Times feature for places and venues. Now, it just released a real-time restaurant wait time feature for search, with Maps coming soon.

Google Search and Maps Now Features Restaurant Wait Times

The feature works with about 1 million sit-down restaurants globally. And, it even displays summaries of each day’s wait times. This allows people to plan ahead and beat the crowd. Here’s the feature in action:

Google search restaurant wait times example
Credit: Google

When searchers pull up a restaurant, they’ll find estimated wait times live on that same day. Or, tap to see estimated wait times on other days of the week. Currently, it’s live in search and will come to Maps soon.

Google states its posted wait times are based on “anonymized historical data.” Which comes from users who opt into Google Location History. This is the same technology the company uses for P0pular Times and Visit Duration. Businesses cannot manually add information and it only appears if the search engine has sufficient data about a business.

Additionally, people can easily see how long typical visits run. Google provides this information by compiling aggregated and anonymized data from customer visits over the last several weeks.

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