May 21, 2022
Google search data journalism

Google Seeks to Surface more Data Journalism in Search Results

A new Google search-data journalism marriage is currently in the works, aiming to show more charts and tables on the SERP…

Search engine Google is working with publishers to bring more data journalism to the SERP or search engine results page, the company has announced. It’s part of the Google News Initiative. The goal is to make the growing field of data journalism (charts, tables, and the like), more prominent. 

Google Search and News Initiative to Surface more Data Journalism

Over half of all newsrooms currently employ data journalists, so, the search giant wants to highlight the most important information.

“Data journalism takes many forms, and it’s not always clear from the headline that there is potentially useful data within that document or story.  It isn’t always easy for Google Search to detect and understand tables of data to surface the most relevant results,” Google News Lab’s Simon Rogers wrote in a blog post.

As part of the initiative, news organizations have the option to include additional structured data. It can point out the most relevant parts of pages in order to display them in search results. By adding structured data to existing HTML, news organizations can better control how charts and tables will appear on the SERP. There are already publishers who are presently testing the feature.

The tool is currently in the pilot phase. Which means search results probably won’t surface many datasets at this time. Developers interested in using the tools can find more information here.