July 28, 2021
Google Search Now Directing People to YouTube Music for Artist Queries

Google Search Now Points People to YouTube Music when They Search for Entertainers

Google search is now leading people to YouTube Music for artist queries, in an increased effort to highlight the relatively new streaming service…

There’s a subtle but meaningful push to YouTube Music by parent company Google. When people search for popular entertainers, the search engine now displays links to YouTube Music, with a conspicuous button located on the right sidebar panel on the SERP or search engine results page.

Google Search Now Directing People to YouTube Music for Artist Queries

Google first launched YouTube Music four years ago, back in November of 2015 as an eventual replacement for Google Play Music. (It debuted alongside YouTube Red, a then-new subscription service that includes the entire library of YouTube, as well as Google’s music app.) 

Then, in 2018, Google replaced YouTube Red with YouTube premium, also a subscription service. During this time, Google has continued to work to develop YouTube Music as a true alternative to Google Play Music. It’s goal is to bring the newer service to parity with the legacy platform. 

One of its biggest accomplishments is YouTube Music’s addition to Google Assistant smart speakers, which include Google Home, in spring of last year. Now, the search engine is taking yet another step to expand its awareness of YouTube Music by putting it on the SERP.

Google search directing people to YouTube Music

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