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Google Search Now Features Side-by-Side Comparison Shopping

Google product comparison search results

Google product comparison search results just got more robust, thanks to an update which places specifications about certain queries…

Google search sports hundreds of functions. Many of which, a majority of users are unaware. Now, Google just expanded its capabilities to give curious shoppers more information. Over the weekend, a new Google product comparison search results tool rolled out.

Google Product Comparison Search Results Now Appear

For years, people used Google to discover information about products and services. With this latest update, it’s now possible to compare products, like phones, side-by-side on mobile and desktop alike. Here’s a screenshot from a desktop query:

The Google product comparison search results include a variety of specifications, including price range, color, storage capacity, and camera resolution. Expanding the card displays the release date, battery life, screen size, weight, operating system, and more.

Plus, the card places reviews right near the top, a clear indicator it’s designed for comparison shopping. And, it does this equally on desktop and mobile search results.

The Google product comparison search results are currently limited to smartphones only. (Entering a number of other product comparison queries did not return the card.) But, this could easily change as the search engine only needs to pull information from its Knowledge Graph.

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