May 26, 2022
Google search pinpoints relevant YouTube content

Google Search Now Shows People Relevant Content to Queries Inside YouTube Videos

Google will now show people the relevant portions of YouTube videos for their search queries, pinpointing important moments…

Search giant Google has introduced a new way to find relevant content for users’ queries. It’s compartmentalizing key moments inside YouTube videos with artificial intelligence.

Google Search Now Pinpoints Relevant Content Inside YouTube Videos

Now, when people search for things like how-to queries, if there’s a relevant YouTube video, Google applies timestamps to surface the gist of the content:

“But what if what you’re searching for is inside a video? Videos aren’t skimmable like text, meaning it can be easy to overlook video content altogether.

Now, just like we’ve worked to make other types of information more easily accessible, we’re developing new ways to understand and organize video content in Search to make it more useful for you.”

This is a great tool, which helps to eliminate having to watch an entire video in order to ascertain what’s being sought out.

However, this isn’t done magically. Google still requires help from content creators to make the feature work. Creators must timestamp moments in order for the function to work.

Right now, this technology only applies to YouTube videos in English. It should make its way to more videos in the future.

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